Convenient insurance. Driving without insurance… how much is the fine?

Today, the police have access to the file of insured vehicles, which allows them to note the offense of lack of insurance. Photo Adobe Stock

800,000 people drive without insurance according to the National Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety (ONISR). However, if you own (or rent) a motorized vehicle or an EDPM (personal motorized transport device), you must be insured even if the vehicle is not in use (stored in a garage, for example) .

License suspension, fine, confiscation of the vehicle… without forgetting the compensation of the victims at your expense. We are only dealing here with the consequences vis-à-vis third parties. Explanation sequence.

Intransigent legislation

French legislation is intransigent towards people who drive without insurance, what is legally called the lack of insurance: between hefty fine, suspension of the driving license or confiscation of the vehicle, possibly accompanied by additional penalties.

Since 2019, the repression has hardened, in particular thanks to the access by the police to the file of insured vehicles (FVA) then with the gradual implementation of automatic number plate readers.

Remember that your obligation is to have at least civil liability insurance: third party.

Driving without insurance amounts to assuming the financial consequences in the event of an accident alone.  Photo Adobe Stock

Driving without insurance amounts to assuming the financial consequences in the event of an accident alone. Photo Adobe Stock

In the event of a responsible accident

If you are the author of a responsible accident, the consequences can be extremely serious. You will not be compensated for material damage to your vehicle and, in the event of injury, you will have to assume financial responsibility for your bodily injury.

As far as the victim(s) are concerned, material and bodily damage are covered by the compulsory insurance guarantee fund (FGAO), which will compensate them. But then, the FGAO will turn against you so that you can reimburse the sums it has paid.

Significant refunds

Reimbursement can possibly take years depending on the greater or lesser bodily damage suffered by the victims. Coverage of damages may also include the sums potentially paid to victims by health insurance as well as the penalties provided for in criminal proceedings concerning driving without insurance.

The driver responsible for the accident will therefore have to repay a monthly payment calculated on the basis of his income, sometimes throughout his life.

And in the event of a non-responsible accident?

In the event of an accident where your liability is not engaged, you risk the criminal penalties inherent in the offense of lack of insurance (even if you pay a fine, the lack of insurance is an offence).

The damage you have suffered can still be compensated by the author of the accident (Badinter law of 1985). Your lack of insurance will have no impact on the amount of compensation.

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