Constantly updating the Microsoft Store on my Xbox Series…

Hello ! For the past few months, I have had a weird phenomenon on my 2 Xbox Series: the Microsoft Store is updating almost every time I turn them on!

While we agree, it’s not too disabling, but I find it frustrating on my side, I would have preferred it to be hidden or another system to be used, because I don’t like not at all having in my download list any current items (I know it’s psychological, but I like knowing that my list is blank).

Beyond that, it causes delays in downloading other games since the Xbox Series only downloads one game at a time, and the store update can take up to 5 minutes… despite its small size. ! While at the same time, downloading a 60 GB game often takes me less than 10 minutes.

While I think the PS5 has really improved on this (wow, game loading speeds, YouTube uploads, Twitch livestreams, Sony don’t make noises, but they do the whole thing!), I feel like my Xbox services are degraded).

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