collective proceedings against the company on April 3 in court

A collective procedure is since several months in preparation against Indexia Group
formerly SFAM. This is a new legal step against the Roman insurance broker. A date is already set before the court, April 3 next. About sixty customers are in the file, nearly 80 should be added.

“There will be a joint procedure before the Paris court. The first hearing will take place at the beginning of April. The objective initially is to give formal notice to the entities of the Indexia group to pay the sums unduly deducted” explains Master Emma Leoty. The lawyer recalls that very many requests and reminders from her clients have never been successful. “I hope that this last signal will allow a potentially amicable resolution. If there is no response, of course I will have the opposing parties summoned this week” she continues.

The goal: to get refunds of amounts deducted over the past five years which, according to customers, do not correspond to any contract. Me Leoty estimates that the average loss of his clients is between 3,000 and 4,000 euros, “even sometimes 10,000 euros.” The lawyer also counts prove the moral damage sufferedasking for 10,000 euros in damages per customer. “It will be at the sovereign discretion of the judge” she recalls.

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