Cloudflare Deeply Pairs with Microsoft

The web access security specialist integrates its Cloudflare One platform with Microsoft Azure Active Directory, thus simplifying the implementation of Zero Trust security.

The American Cloudflare offers solutions to secure equipment, users and networks from a SASE platform presented as “Network-as-a-Service Zero Trust”. With its solution Cloudflare Oneaccess is managed by Cloudflare’s global network and users are connected to resources with advanced, authenticated identity-based security controls.

Already working with Microsoft since 2018, Cloudflare has pushed its integration with Microsoft Azure. Enterprise customers of both vendors can now deploy Zero Trust tools in minutes. Concretely, it is now possible to define specific rules in Azure Active Directory or in Cloudflare Access, for example to define which users can access which applications according to which factors (user risk level, location, etc.) , then apply these rules to both solutions, without having to code.

This integration also makes it easy to add features like remote browser isolation technology. The latter isolates users considered to be at high risk such as temporary workers.

Cloudware also offers the specific program Secure Hybrid Access (SHA) for Government Customers (“GCC”). This keeps traffic safe by isolating sensitive government data from the public Internet.

The technology implemented by Cloudflare Access relies on the System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol to integrate directly with Azure AD. Synchronization between Cloudflare and Azure Active Directory thus takes place completely automatically.

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