ChatGPT could arrive quickly on Microsoft’s Office 365 suite

Microsoft seems to have many ideas for integrating the AI ​​tool developed by OpenAI. Last known project to date: an integration of ChatGPT in the Office suite.

According to the American site The Information, Microsoft has already conducted experiments with the implementation of ChatGPT within various tools of the brand on computers and tablets. Outlook, Word or PowerPoint could be affected by the addition of AI-related features.

Exploding AI

2022 will have been the big year for consumer AI. If tools existed before, the breakthroughs in the field of the Midjourney image generator or OpenAI tools (DALL-E 2 or ChatGPT) attracted curious and impressed crowds last year, raising some questions all the same. The giant Microsoft, which already had a foot in the middle with stakes in Open AI, intends to take advantage of the reliability of the technology and the enthusiasm to improve its own products and make them more efficient.

According to The Information, the company headed by Satya Nadella could soon integrate the ChatGPT text generation tool into its Microsoft 365 suite. All with a view to competing with Google in its field. As we know, the Mountain View giant already offers AI-based features, such as the automatic filling of responses to emails. Outlook would have undergone some tests from Microsoft with ChatGPT to offer a similar option, but with much more advanced possibilities than basic polite expressions.

Thus, writing an email would only ask the user for a short description of the general idea. The AI ​​would take care of the rest and could also offer alternative formulas automatically to make its emails more readable.

Do your PowerPoint presentation with your hands in your pockets?

According to internal tests reported by The Information, Microsoft, by bringing the power of ChatGPT to its Office suite, could allow tasks to be automated to some extent.

By using user data, Microsoft would like to allow the AI ​​to train in a much more precise and personalized way. Once the questions related to the protection of privacy have been evacuated, one could imagine the tool summarizing meetings on its own, proposing relevant modifications in a PowerPoint document or even, in the long term, generating images that can be used in its presentation. ChatGPT already helps improve the predictive sentence filling feature on Word. But the tool could add new functions to Microsoft’s writing software.

As we know, Microsoft wants to compete with Google. The battle is not only on in-house software, but also on the side of the search engine. We learned last week that the Redmond company could integrate the OpenAI chatbot into its Bing search engine.

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