Cdiscount, Amazon, Rakuten… is the Sony console available?

While the majority of people are on vacation, many are trying to get their PlayStation 5 console. If you are in this case, quickly find out where the console is available and how to get it!

Almost two years after its release, it is still as difficult to get your hands on the PlayStation 5. This home console designed by Sony is available in two editions: the Standard Edition, which embeds a 4K Blu Ray disc player and you allows you to play physical games and the Digital Edition, with which games are purchased directly through the PlayStation Store.

No matter which edition you want, stocks are still just as limited… Since the international pandemic, Sony has had to face a shortage of certain essential parts for assembling the console.

PS5: even after the sales, it’s hard to get it!

The PlayStation 5 is sold on a large number of sites. We can notably mention the official Sony website, but also many resellers, such as Amazon, Cdiscount or Rakuten. It is also displayed in stock on the Micromania site, often in the form of a pack. Sometimes, it is also possible to find the PS5 on sites like Auchan or SFR. If you want to get your console fast, here are some tips to apply right now! As a first step, consider activating the various email alerts available on the reseller sites. You can also register on Sony’s official waiting list to be drawn. When you can, consider putting the console upfront in your cart and filling out your personal and payment information, to save time when the PS5 is showing in stock. Finally, do your research on a computer rather than a smartphone. You will be able to open more tabs and above all refresh the pages more quickly.

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