5 key dates that marked history

Everyone knows SpaceX, both astronomy and space conquest enthusiasts and the first of the quidams. We have all heard of it, if only once. On this Friday, May 6, the American space company celebrates its 20th anniversary, after being founded by a divisive man with delirious ambitions: Elon Musk. However, to sum up two decades … Read more

Emirati ‘Space Sultan’ faces challenge of fasting during Ramadan

SourceAFP Emirati ‘Space Sultan’ faces challenge of fasting during Ramadan © AFP/Karim SAHIB Published on 02/02/2023 at 5:38 p.m. Subscriber-only audio playback I subscribe to 1€ the 1st month Un Emirati astronaut, nicknamed the “Sultan of space”, said Thursday he was ready to spend the month of Ramadan in the International Space Station (ISS), underlining … Read more

Microsoft will integrate ChatGPT with Teams

Posted 2 Feb. 2023 at 4:50 PM After having bet billions of dollars, Microsoft intends to exploit the potential of ChatGPT. The American computer giant has announced that OpenAI technology will be used to automatically generate meeting notes, task recommendations or personalized special points on its Teams desktop application. This is to integrate these features … Read more

Twenty years ago, the day the Columbia shuttle exploded on re-entering the atmosphere

“Columbia, this is Houston […] We didn’t catch the last (message)…”. Response from the Captain, Rick Husband: “Received, mm…”. Columbia has just sent its last message. Communication with Earth is abruptly interrupted. A few minutes later, the bolide which was to land fifteen minutes later at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, disintegrates in an … Read more

Artificial intelligence opens a new era in the search for extraterrestrial signals

Has humanity finally picked up messages from elsewhere? The journal Nature Astronomy published a scientific article on Monday January 30 by a team of 17 researchers who say they have spotted 8 “interesting” signals as part of a search for extraterrestrial intelligence based on a new and promising method. This study is the result of … Read more