Car theft: what steps to take with your car insurance?

A car theft is tragic, but unfortunately it can happen to anyone. Some will say that is why auto insurance exists and why it is mandatory! Your insurance is there to support you and compensate you up to the level of the formula to which you have subscribed, but there are a few steps to take for this.

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Filing a complaint, an essential step after your car theft

The first step to follow, immediately after noticing the theft of your car, is to go to the police station or the gendarmerie to file a complaint. This should be done as quickly as possible. Once the complaint has been filed, you will receive a receipt for the filing of the complaint, and you can also request a copy of the minutes.

Not only does this declaration of theft release you from any responsibility concerning the use of your vehicle after its disappearance, but it also allows you to contact your insurance company to initiate the compensation procedure. Indeed, it is impossible to win a case without filing a complaint. Note that it is imperative to respect the declaration deadline provided for in your insurance contract. Without it, you may not be able to be compensated.

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