Campione d’Italia, a new Italian insurance company for municipal vehicles

The entrance of Italian champion In the European customs area, since the beginning of 2022, it also applies to vehicles that were previously registered and insured in Switzerland, as was customary until then. And the municipality is also intervening for those in its possession, also in light of the fact that Finma, the federal financial market supervisory authority, has issued a circular under which the enclave of Campione d’Italia is considered abroad, it is excluded from the insurance coverage of Swiss insurance companies.
For one vehicle, in addition to the insurance notice that has already arrived, which has also reached a second vehicle, “a technical and economic feasibility and feasibility check” is in progress, while for the third the natural expiration insurance is December 31.
So until 31.12 “The vehicles supplied must necessarily be legalized, registered with the Italian Motorization Authority and insured with Italian insurance companies”.

With a determination of the technical field, the insurance of the two vehicles is therefore transferred to the Helvetia Swiss Insurance Company based in Milan (for the third, as already mentioned, tests are in progress), for example an issue of 2,017 euros, “Budget indicator 10302090011 approximately 355 of the 2022/2024 provisional budget, fiscal year 2022”.

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