Call of Duty: Still exclusive to PlayStation? Microsoft decides once and for all!

Last February, after the announcement of the takeover of the giant Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, the manufacturer had made several statements about the future of Call of Duty for PlayStation players. We know it only too well, but for years now a true love story has continued between the license of Activision and Sonybut since this famous announcement, a lot of concern now reigns among PlayStation players.

This is why Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, spoke for the first time, wanting to be very reassuring and declaring that Call of Duty will always be available on Play, “beyond the existing agreement“. Despite this declaration, it would seem that it was not enough since, once again, the manufacturer had to make a new declaration…

Microsoft reiterates, Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation

But why did Microsoft have to reiterate its statements once again? Well it seems that right now between the two manufacturers it’s not the real love, and Sony has expressed concern that Call of Duty may become exclusive to Xbox and PC in the years to come. . Nevertheless, Microsoft was once again reassuring and definitive in its words, and if Activision’s flagship license will never stop appearing on Sony consoles, it’s for a very simple reason: it wouldn’t be profitable. for Microsoft.

According to a document sent to the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) of Brazil (via VGC), although Microsoft accuses Sony of blocking games from Xbox Game Pass, the company still reaffirmed its claim, effectively adding that removing Call of Duty from PlayStation would be completely unprofitable.

Regardless of the fact that Sony’s criticism of content exclusivity is unsurprising – given that PlayStation’s entire strategy has been centered around exclusivity over the years – the reality is that the strategy of withholding Activision Blizzard’s games by not distributing them to rival console stores just wouldn’t be profitable for Microsoft […] The hypothetical adoption of any content removal strategy would not be profitable for Microsoft and, even if implemented, such strategies would have no impact on competition, for the reasons described above.

Moreover, even if we already know more or less, there is at the time of writing these lines a contractual agreement which then guarantees Sony the availability of the next three Call of Duty games on its consoles. Among them, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Warzone 2and the third which will certainly be the Call of Premium project announced not so long ago by Activision.

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