Call for applications – The AMF wants to create a committee on insurance issues for autonomous vehicles

With the trucking industry experiencing an unprecedented driver shortage, self-driving trucks are the stuff of dreams.

But they also generate a host of questions, including collision insurance.

(Picture: Daimler AG)

It is with this in mind that the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) is calling for candidates to create an advisory committee of 12 experts who will examine these questions.

“Pursuing its objective of acting for the integrity of the financial sector, in particular as the regulator responsible for automobile insurance policies in Québec, the AMF is positioning itself as a catalyst in bringing together the main parties interested in the development of insurance products linked to the use of automated and connected vehicles,” said Louis Morisset, Chairman and CEO of the AMF.

And even if the term “automotive” is used generically in AMF communications, autonomous trucking will also be part of the discussions of this committee to come, confirms spokesperson Sylvain Théberge contacted by Truck transport.

And when asked if the expertise of professionals linked to the trucking industry could be useful to the committee’s work, Mr. Théberge replied: “Yes, the door is open to trucking professionals. »

Patrick Déry, Superintendent of Financial Institutions at the AMF adds that “The Committee will promote discussions in order to benefit from collective intelligence and explore ideas and possible solutions aimed at ensuring that the industry and consumers are better equipped to deal with the various issues arising from the potentially increased presence of automated and connected vehicles on Québec roads. »

The members of the Committee, from both the public and private sectors, will be invited to use their knowledge, practical experience, specific expertise, concerns and opinions on the issues arising from the arrival of automated and connected vehicles which could have a impact on automobile insurance in Quebec.

The committee will be set up and coordinated by the AMF. The designated members must have relevant experience in their respective fields of activity and will sit for an initial term of two years.

Interested persons are invited to consult the call for applications and submit their application to the Autorité des marchés financiers before March 10, 2023 by click here.

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