Burned car: what steps to take with your car insurance?

Ending up with a burnt-out car is either the result of an accident or an intentional malicious act. In both cases, it is very likely that your car will be unusable following a fire. As this situation can unfortunately happen to everyone, it is essential to be well covered by your car insurance to ensure correct compensation.

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Burned car: choose your insurance carefully!

If it seems natural that a car is covered against the risk of fire, in practice, not all insurance policies offer this protection. If you have third-party insurance, it’s a safe bet that your car insurance does not include fire cover. Indeed, the latter is optional and even when you subscribe to it, you must choose a type of reimbursement: either in use value, suitable for used cars, or in new value, suitable for new cars. Inevitably, the subscription to a fire guarantee tends to increase the price of your insurance. If your car is set on fire by a third party, you must file a complaint with the police station or the gendarmerie. If it is an accident, contact your insurance directly.

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The fire guarantee is not present in all insurance policies. However, you can check if this is the case with certain car insurance companies by using the comparator made available by Le Parisien. Not only does this give you access to multiple contracts, but you can also take advantage of the best price based on your vehicle.

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