breathtaking images of Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy flights

It’s January 19, and as of this writing, SpaceX has already fired four rocketrocket Falcon at the start of 2023, and implemented orbitorbit more than 150 satellites! The crazy pace is launched as the company wishes to carry out a hundred flights in 2023.

The last two flights were particularly beautiful to see. The one today was a shot Falcon 9Falcon 9 since Cape CanaveralCape Canaveral which put into orbit a new third-generation satellite from the GPSGPS American. Take-off took place at the same time as sunrise. SunSundelivering stunning images.

The previous shot was the first shot Falcon HeavyFalcon Heavy (heavy version of the Falcon 9) of the year. The flight placed in transfer orbittransfer orbit geostationary two large United States Space Army satellites (Space Force- USSF). In all, SpaceXSpaceX has planned five Falcon Heavy launches for 2023, including one that will send the Psyche probe into space bound for theasteroidasteroid eponymous, rich in metalsmetals.


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