Back-to-school flash sales on Amazon: the Bose Solo 5 is on sale!

For 48 hours, Amazon has been offering back-to-school special flash sales, there are a ton of promotions on both everyday products, but also on the best high-tech products of the moment. The Bose sound expert has just sold off his Bose Solo 5, which goes under the 200€ mark!

The Bose Solo 5 soundbar is 20% off

You are looking for a sound bar to enjoy a best sound from your TV?
Sit still, Sonos is catching your eye with one of its best models that’s currently on sale. With the Bose Solo 5, you find several advantages:

  • Carefully crafted sound to dazzle with the quality of dialogue, music and audio effects you can have in a movie or series (dialogue mode available).
  • Bluetooth connectivity to send music to the soundbar from any smartphone or tablet.
  • Only one connection is needed behind your TV (either an optical, coaxial or analog audio cable). There is automatic detection of the cable you have chosen.
  • A universal remote control is provided, it allows you to take control of the sound bar, but also of the other devices connected to your television.
  • Take advantage of an instant increase or reduction in bass, according to your desires, you have the hand via a “Bass” button.

bose solo 5 promo

Bose summarizes the particularities of its soundbar compared to what is done with the competition:

The Bose Solo 5 TV sound system is made up of a unique soundbar, which provides all your favorite TV programs with significantly improved audio quality. Never has the sound been so clear, from dialogue to audio effects. What’s more, a dialogue mode makes every word stand out. You can place the soundbar almost anywhere for maximum convenience. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth technology, you also have the option of listening to your favorite music wirelessly.

For those who love the technical details, you will find an output power of 30 watts and a maximum input power of 110 wattsthe surround audio channel configuration is 2.0.

Price and delivery

Take advantage of this discount now on Amazon, the Bose Solo 5 is available at 174,99€ instead of €219.95, for those who wish, payment in 4 instalments is possible.
Amazon Prime subscribers are eligible for 1 business day delivery.

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