AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine: experts and committed!

Created in 1957, AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine is a network of more than 1,550 general insurance agents specializing in social protection and assets and present throughout France.

An independent professional and exclusive AXA agent, the AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine general insurance agent specializes in individual and collective personal insurance to protect clients in matters of provident, health, retirement, bank and financial savings, and to define with them financial, tax and asset optimization strategies. He accompanies and advises a clientele composed mainly of liberal professions, business leaders, managers and senior executives.

It can rely on the various expertise of the AXA group and its various partners (AGIPI, ANPERE, Drouot Estate, AXA Banque, Gestion Privée, AXA Investment Managers, Architas, etc.).

Using an in-depth assessment of the personal and professional situation of its clients, the AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine general agent helps each of them to objectively define their needs in terms of provident insurance (death, work stoppage, disability , health and dependency) and financial protection throughout one’s life (savings, retirement, optimization of investments and transmission of assets, etc.).

It works with them to build solutions consistent with their requirements, their needs and their situation, to strengthen their protection. As it does individually, the AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine general insurance agent also supports business leaders in building social protection for their employees, as well as in implementing retirement savings solutions. (employee savings, article 83, end-of-career indemnities, etc.) for all employees.

A developing network to meet a growing need

AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine general insurance agents provide local and long-term support to more than 450,000 customers. The network has a turnover of more than two billion euros and occupies a leading position in the field of provident insurance for the self-employed.

The personal insurance market is booming and represents significant opportunities for development, with 1/3 of the self-employed not being covered in the event of work stoppage or disability, for example. Especially since the French today, after these years of health crisis, want to better cover themselves and give more meaning to their investments, and all this in a responsible way.

In 2023, AXA France is continuing to anchor its General Insurance Agents, AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine, and expects growth of more than 50 new General Agents per year.

Each General Agent is accompanied by an AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine commercial inspector who provides support in the start-up and development phases of their activity.

A responsible and committed network

Since April 2021, the Network has been setting out AXA’s raison d’être in a very concrete way: “Acting for human progress by protecting what matters” in a mission of AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine general insurance agents with regard to their clients: “Advising you sustainably to protect your life projects and convey a more responsible world. »

A mission based on four commitments:

  • expertise : “Bringing you our expertise at all times, the result of excellent training integrating the subjects of corporate social responsibility (CSR). »
  • Citizen solutions : “To offer you citizen-certified solutions. »
  • Close relationship : “Accompanying you in the realization of your projects at each stage of your life. »
  • Actor of a more responsible world : “To give you the opportunity to commit to a more responsible world. »

Behind these four commitments, there is concrete proof: each year, the actions of the Network are audited by an independent firm and give rise to the labeling of General Agents.

Today, 100% of the offers offered by AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine carry the citizenship label.

The General Agents are personally committed in the heart of their territory to environmental and societal issues through concrete actions in the fields of prevention, environmental preservation and the fight against exclusion. With the help of the AXA Atout Cœur association, they organize solidarity actions in their region to contribute to a more responsible world.

AXA Prévoyance & Patrimoine has thus become the first network with a mission in the responsible insurance and investment market.

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