Auch: the Garros health examination center of the primary health insurance fund reopens

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Inaugurated in 2019 but closed during the pandemic, the branch of the Garros district health examination center has just reopened its doors. It offers complete health check-ups and targets populations far from the health system.

“In fact, we welcome people who are well to ensure that they continue to do well”, summarizes Angela Audouy, head of the prevention department of the Gers Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM). Since December, the branch of the Health Examination Center (CES) in the Garros district of Auch has reopened its doors to the public after two years of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The CPAM already hosted a Center within the premises of the health insurance since 2007 and has two other branches within the hospitals of Condom and Gimont. The lower town office, created in partnership with the Gers departmental council, was inaugurated in 2019.

It is installed within the Departmental Solidarity House – which hosts the permanence of several partnerships, including social workers – within the framework of the city’s policy. This branch of the Primary Health Insurance Fund aims to welcome “a population that is often far from the health system, specifies Angela Audouy. The objective is to offer them a path of prevention.”

A complete health check

The Health Examination Center does not in fact replace the general practitioner: within the centre, open one Tuesday morning per month, the team, which is made up of an administrative officer, a nurse, a doctor and a dentist, does not provide care and does not prescribe any treatment. Only multidisciplinary health check-ups are offered to patients. “By carrying out a complete check-up, we have a fairly global vision of the patient’s health, assures the manager. We can thus reintegrate him into the care pathway by redirecting him to a doctor if necessary”. The public can also be accompanied on the question of their rights.

All those insured under the general scheme can be seen by the staff of the Health Examination Centre. Preventive exams are 100% covered by health insurance. To make an appointment, it is possible to search for “health check” on the Doctolib website or to contact the reception of the center directly on 05 81 67 11 44.

The Departmental House of Solidarity is installed at 17 rue Paul-Descomps in Auch. For more information, visit the website.

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