Assurances Comar: The alliance between excellence and societal commitment

The financial statements of Assurances Comar, at the end of 2021, a company 77.7% owned by the reference financial group “Group Amen” and the first company to operate internationally via its subsidiary in Côte d’Ivoire, show shareholders’ equity of 265.8 million dinars (MD) and a profit result reaching 33.8 MD. This is the largest profit in the company’s history.

The same financial statements reveal, at all levels, the solidity of the company’s financial foundations and the high performance of its activity through its aggregates and profitability ratios. And for good reason, gross investments amounted to 732.0 MD on 12/31/2021 against 678.8 MD a year earlier, while technical provisions stood at 489.0 MD last year. The non-life technical result amounted to 32.7 MD in 2021, in parallel with the increase in cash flow from operations to 22.6 MD.

In view of the successful expansion of the company’s activity, the Extraordinary General Meeting (AGE) held on April 21 approved the increase in the company’s share capital. Indeed, the EGM decided to increase the share capital of the company from 50 MD to 75 MD and this, by direct incorporation into the capital of 25 MD in addition to the increase in the nominal value of the 2,500,000 existing shares from 20 to 30 dinars each.

Widely known for its societal commitment, Comar Assurances is little known for being the first insurance company in Africa and the Arab world since its existence dates back to 1886.

Also, the success of its involvement in the support of culture and sport for three decades through the institution of the Marathon COMAR of the city of Tunis in 1986 and the literary prizes COMAR D’OR in 1997, has not always allowed to highlight the sustained performance of the company and its role in the economic dynamics in Tunisia.

The company has also made an exception in the area of ​​environmental preservation. Aware of and in view of the harmful consequences of forest fires, Comar assurances organized the COMAR Tunis-Carthage Marathon last December, in the form of virtual races managed digitally via an innovative application “Just move” to help reforest forest areas and rehabilitate them.

From another angle, Comar Assurances has not stopped innovating since its creation and it now finds itself with a fairly wide range of products able to meet the needs of its customers, individuals, professionals and businesses and to offer several guarantees that differentiate Comar from the rest of the market. Regularly, the company tries to develop its strategy in the direction of differentiation.

In addition, and always, the customer has been at the heart of Comar’s development strategy, which is constantly reflected in the use of new technologies to better serve policyholders with the establishment of a customer area on the site. of the institution. A space called upon to offer quality services and provide all the necessary information to customers.

Always on the basis of this unfailing desire to do things well, Comar launched at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s unique car insurance services such as advances on recourse or advances on repairs and this, for the sake of providing quality service to customers. This is part of the commercial policy of the company whose slogan is “La Comar is more serious”. It is a service steeped in passion, love and respect for the customer that the employees of the company always tend to offer to the different categories of customers and partners of the company.

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