ASSIA, formerly CIMUT, confirms its development in the software publishing market for personal insurance, with the arrival of two new mutuals within its workforce: MGPA and the Mutuelle Nationale du personnel Michelin establishments.

In a context of overhauling their information systems, two new mutual insurance companies, the MGPA and the MNPEM (National Mutual Insurance Company for the Personnel of Michelin Establishments), have chosen solutions distributed by ASSIA, thus confirming its growth with medium-sized structures.

Recognized as an Interregional Mutual Mutual covering Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana, the MGPA insures, distributes and manages the health and death insurance risks of its individual and collective members, i.e. more than 86,000 policyholders at the end of 2021. Since January 1 2023, it went into production on the Health and Insurance Platform developed by ASSIA and its peripheral tools which provide it with an operational response to three major challenges: – support the sales forces via CRM tools and dematerialized subscription paths ; – guarantee productive management by relying on a health back-office and its solutions for managing tasks, monitoring requests and complaints, as well as on Extranet spaces and a mobile application; – ensure effective management of the activity thanks to decision-making tools.
For Raphaël VAUGIRARD, President of the MGPA mutual insurance company, “With an innovative offer, this partnership is anchored in a real sharing of values. This places the actors no longer in a simple publisher/customer relationship, but truly as stakeholders in shared development and governance, respectful of the mutualist spirit specific to the UTM (Union Technique Mutualiste). »

On the other hand, following a consultation for the change of its complementary health management tools, the MNPEM (National Mutual Insurance Company for the Personnel of Michelin Establishments), which totals 62,000 people protected, has chosen to the ASIA solution. Such an overhaul meets many objectives: to have an innovative and turnkey solution to cover its challenges in terms of management as well as support functions; improve the management of the member relationship, by relying on the Extranet tools and the platform for monitoring requests and complaints. According to Florence CHABERT, Managing Director of the Michelin Mutual, “beyond the software solutions, our decision was also motivated by the fact of entrusting our project to a partner benefiting from real business and functional expertise in the field of ‘health insurance. »

Business and functional expertise, efficient decision-making, digitization of the sales process, security, regulatory compliance, personalized support, are some of the elements that were decisive in the choice of the MGPA and MPEN mutuals to choose ASSIA health platform and insurance.

Through the arrival of these two major references, nearly 150,000 additional protected persons are managed by ASSIA software solutions for supplementary health insurance.

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