Apple Watch Serie 7: Amazon is much more profitable than the Apple site

News good deal Apple Watch Serie 7: Amazon is much more profitable than the Apple site

It’s rare to see pretty prices on Apple products. Especially on the official apple website. If you have an iPhone, there’s nothing to quibble about, the Apple Watch Series 7 is a great investment. Apple’s ultimate connected watch has just lost €50 on Amazon, given the merchant’s quality of service, enjoy!

To be honest with you, I really like Apple in general. I have an iPhone, and I can hardly imagine my daily life without my Apple Watch Series 7. It has become essential for me and for millions of people.

Well, of course, Apple remains true to itself: the Cupertino company always displays particularly high prices. The Apple Watch is a very high-end connected watch.

For your information, a classic 41 mm aluminum Series 7, the cheapest therefore, sells everywhere for €419, that’s its launch price, quite simply. The 45mm version, meanwhile, came out at a minimum of €459.

While Apple’s official website still displays these basic prices and offers a fairly average delivery service, the king of online sales Amazon is lowering the price of all Series 7 models. The cheapest is currently at €379. , and I think I’ve never seen better elsewhere for a new Series 7.

You can go there with your eyes closed, it’s worth it.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 from 379€ on Amazon

Apple Watch Series 7: simply one of the best connected watches in the world

In terms of popularity, no brand comes close to Apple. To tell you the truth, the apple is not only the biggest seller of connected watches in the world, it is the biggest seller in the world of the watch industry in general. Even all the Swiss brands put together sell fewer watches than Apple all year round.

But hey, just because a product is popular doesn’t mean it’s good. Our expert journalist, Jika, tested the product when it was released, and the result is clear: 4.5/5 stars. The maximum score is missed only because of Apple’s somewhat too closed ecosystem and the perfectible autonomy.

The opinion of

If you haven’t yet fallen for an Apple Watch, the Series 7 is undoubtedly the best model currently available on the market. With its larger and ultra-comfortable screen, its top quality manufacturing, its increased resistance and its very versatile use, it offers a most satisfying experience on a daily basis, provided of course that you own an iPhone. This new version is shy in real new features, however, and it’s hard to recommend buying if you already have a Series 6, unless you absolutely want a bigger screen. If you are still on a model 3 or 4, you will benefit from a watch that is faster, more complete and much more comfortable to use.


Personally, even if I’m not a great sportsman, my Apple Watch has changed my daily life. It serves me, among other things:

  • to unlock my phone less often, so my screen time (consulting a notification no longer pushes me to open other apps)
  • to pay without touching very naturally
  • use Siri more intuitively
  • to find one’s way in the street thanks to the GPS
  • to have a follow-up jock particularly motivating (the small circles are very playful)
  • to follow also a lot of data from health thanks to the array of sensors
  • to offer all the advantages of a smartphone to a child without its drawbacks
  • at save the lives of the elderly calling for help in the event of a fall

In short, the uses are multiple and it is easy to understand the popularity of the machine.

Buy the Apple Watch Series 7 from 379€ on Amazon

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