Apple TV and Apple Music are coming to preview on the Microsoft Store

Users of services from the Apple firm on Windows can have a banana: Apple TV and Apple Music arrived on the Microsoft application store recently. It was the Israeli media The Verifier who noticed that three new “made in Cupertino” applications had arrived on the Windows application catalog.

Native Apple TV and Apple Music

Apple’s video streaming and audio streaming services are therefore available in “Preview” on the Microsoft OS. Both applications replace websites, the only official way to access Apple content on Windows before.

A third app, which has nothing to do with streaming, has also appeared on the Microsoft Store: Apple Devices. Thought to replace iTunes, the application allows you to synchronize content to your iPhone or iPad. This is because if you install Apple Music, iTunes will stop working on Windows, so Apple Devices is needed to sync your devices.

Bye Bye iTunes

Be careful though, Apple warns that on Apple Music as on Apple TV, “not all features necessarily work as expected“. If you depend on iTunes for downloading or syncing certain content, it may be wise to wait for the apps to arrive in stable release on Windows.

After jealously guarding its native applications on macOS, Apple began porting its applications to Windows last October. To install them, you must be equipped with a machine with Windows 11 in version 22621.0 at least. If you are unable to download the apps, try switching to the US Microsoft Store.

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