Analysis by Good Value for Money of the characteristics of Primonial’s Target+ contract, including the Infra Euro Infrastructure Security fund in euros

Target+ is a multi-support, multi-manager life insurance contract combining the qualities of two reference partners in terms of asset management:

  • Primal who is the 1st private wealth management group on the French market,
  • Oradéa Vie, specialist in the distribution of life insurance through CGPI and financial partnerships belonging to the Societe Generale Insurance group.

Target+ can be subscribed from €10,000 opening payment for savers wishing to position themselves in free management.

The discretionary management (GSM) offered by Financière de l’Echiquier is accessible from :

  • of €50,000 for the “Echiquier Club Classique” offers,
  • of €150,000 for the “Echiquier Club Selection” offers.

Subject to compliance with the minimum outstanding amounts allocated, the saver can invest according to his wishes either in free management, either in one of the discretionary management offers.

In free managementthe saver benefits from:

  • of one offer of three euro funds :
    • the classic euro fund of Oradéa Vie (general assets) which served a rate of 1.90% in 2022 after 1.00% in 2021,
    • the “Target Euro Security” funda dynamic euro fund that served a rate of 0.00% in 2022 after 2.35% in 2021,
    • the “Infra-Euro Security” fund which is an infrastructure fund in euros with a rate of 2.50% in 2022 after 2.10% in 2021, as in 2020.
  • In free management the saver has access to a wide range of 330 financial supports whose :
    • 303 heritage units of account issues of 93 management companies market benchmark,
    • 25 real estate supports: SCPI, SCI/SC/SCP, OPCI,
    • 22 index funds (trackers or ETFs) managed by Lyxor,
    • a private equity fund (FCPR), PrimoPacte 2 mounted by Primonial with one of the market specialists in the field, Eurazeo.
  • According to his wishes, the saver can activate on his contract all or part of the financial management options accessible:
    • progressive investment from a minimum arbitrated outstanding amount of €7,500,
    • securing earnings (securing unrealized capital gains) with a possible setting of + 5%, + 10%, + 15% or + 20% of unrealized capital gains for each of the units of account retained,
    • loss limitation (“relative stop loss”) with the choice of a level of unrealized capital losses per unit of account of -5%, -10%, -15% or -20%.

The discretionary management offer is fully managed by Financière de l’Echiquier with six profiles offereddeclined either in a classic format or in a selection format, these profiles being gradual: cautious, balanced or dynamic.…

note that the “Echiquier Club Classique” range of management under mandate (GSM) does not give rise to any additional invoicing in terms of management fees on the units of account concerned.

Main advantages of Target +

  • Contract bearing the DNA of the Primonial Group and the insurer Oradéa Vie in terms of innovation and quality of the heritage solutions offered.
  • Identification by Good Value for Money within the unit-linked range of 66 “star” supports according to its own qualification criteria, among the 331 units of account offered in the contract, i.e. a high ratio of 20% “star” heritage units of account.
  • Contract allowing access to a wide range of real estate supports : 8 SCPI, 9 SCI/SC/SCP, 8 OPCI with a set of media from the Primonial Group which is one of the market benchmarks in this area, with in particular the PrimoVie and PrimoPierre SCPIs.
  • contract proposing two innovative euro funds :
    • the “Infra Euro Security” fund having served a rate of 2.50% in 2022 after 2.10% in 2021,
    • the “Target Euro Security” fund having served a rate of 0.00% in 2022 after 2.35% in 2021, but with a long-term performance that is on average 0.23% higher per year than that of conventional euro funds.
  • Integration in standard in the contract of floor guarantee in the event of death valid until the seventieth birthday of the insured and allowing to secure, if necessary, up to 1.5 million euros of capital loss on the death of the insured.

Main disadvantages of Target+

  • Contract not offering multipocket mode as such, making it possible to mix both free management and discretionary management (GSM) offered by Financière de l’Echiquier. Note however that a saver opting for one of the discretionary management offers can also invest:
    • in the Target Euro Security, Classic Euro or Infra Euro Security funds in euros,
    • in the entire range of real estate supports of the contract,
    • in the offer of structured products (funds with a limited marketing period).
  • Contract not offering (Again ?) to date vivid headlines in the range of units of account accessible in free management (indirect actions).
  • Richly endowed heritage contract in financial management options, financial supports and financial management methods with an overall level of fees likely to increase depending on the blend selected by the saver.…

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