AMI Assurances, ensuring a path to success

The 8th edition of TICAD will be held on August 27 and 28. An appointment given to promote the development of Africa and which represents a definite boost in its economic and social development.

An opportunity for Tunisia, after a long period of deprivation, to shine by its quality of attentive organizer and hospitable host which characterizes our country. In this context, AMI Assurances, partner of TICAD 8, welcomes all the guests from Tunisia.

Social responsibility

Through this partnership with TICAD 8, AMI Assurances fully assumes its social responsibility vis-à-vis the current ecosystem.

Since its creation, AMI Assurances has always participated actively in the effort of investment and support through its investments, its participations and its coverage of insurance coverage, thus strengthening this societal dimension.

And the initiative of such a partnership is also part of this same perspective and makes it possible to highlight this spirit of commitment of the financial institution: commitment to build a better world with positive economic growth while respecting the -To be human.

AMI Assurances offers support, advice and follow-up

TICAD 8 will see the presence of a set of high profile participants mainly from Africa and Asia and operating in the most important decision-making spheres.

AMI Assurances, official partner of the event, will provide the various stakeholders at TICAD 8, donors or project leaders, with support and solutions to their specific needs in terms of risk management which will be dedicated to them.

AMI Assurances has the necessary assets and the appropriate expertise to offer an insurance service that goes beyond simple risk management and is supplemented by advice and monitoring.

AMI Assurances, an effective participation in economic and social development

In a situation where economic development goes hand in hand with social development, AMI Assurances has always remained an undeniable player in promoting the economy while respecting this duality.

AMI Assurances will have to represent the financial sector and the insurance sector in particular during TICAD 8 to show all the role it plays for the promotion and economic growth of Tunisia, as well as in the social development of the country. It will also highlight major projects and all the international trade and finance channels in which it is involved.

Great hopes animate the participants in this conference and open horizons full of ambitions for Tunisia. For TICAD, AMI Assurances will undeniably be the partner of success.

Posted on 08/22/22 07:56

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