Amazon will produce a show that compiles video clips of Ring doorbells

What if George Orwell had realized Video Gag ? This is the revolutionary concept behind Ring Nation, a new show from MGM studios (owned by Amazon) presented by Wanda Sykes which will be released on September 26th. Like many TikTok videos, Ring Nation will compile clips taken from Amazon’s Ring doorbells for humorous purposes, according to Deadline. So expect to see lots of videos of neighbors helping each other, marriage proposals, and animals clowning around.

Amazon picture.

However, all the cute animals in the world will probably not be able to make people forget the bad taste of this project. Questioned by a US senator, Amazon recently admitted to having transmitted data from Ring doorbells to the police several times without the consent of their users. It is to be hoped that this will not be the case for the clips broadcast in Ring Nation.


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