Amazon Web Services partners with Waton Securities International to enable the digital transformation of global brokerage firms using fintech solutions

LONDON, January 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In January 2023, Amazon Web Services (known as “AWS”) announced its strategic partnership with Waton Securities International (known as “Waton”) to launch Broker Cloud, a secure, simple, compliant and robust all-in-one fintech solution for brokerage firms and international financial institutions.

Waton’s Broker Cloud includes brokerage services and SaaS solutions for Fintech. Waton provides licensed brokerages with sophisticated all-in-one execution and clearing services for major stock exchanges and asset management solutions, and Waton also provides an all-in-one integrated solution for financial institutions without IT capabilities and middle-/back-office infrastructure so that they can launch their trading platforms and exercise digital brokerage operations. With Fintech and cloud technology infrastructure, licensed financial institutions on all continents can quickly set up their own digital trading and investing platforms and provide their users with one of the world’s best mobile apps and services. fluids via Waton’s Broker Cloud solution.

Kai Zhou, CEO of Waton Securities International, said digital transformation and upgrading of traditional brokerage platforms is an inevitable trend. At present, Broker Cloud has provided services to several licensed brokerage firms and institutions in hong kong, New Zealand, Australia, etc. We are confident that by combining Waton Securities International’s 33 years of brokerage industry experience with the strong infrastructure and technology advantages provided by AWS, we will enable more brokerage firms and of international financial institutions to overcome existing barriers and provide the best customer services to users around the world, efficiently, while creating more added value through personalized digital solutions.


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