Amazon smashes the price of this G-Sync compatible 165 Hz gaming monitor

News good deal Amazon smashes the price of this G-Sync compatible 165 Hz gaming monitor

When you have spent time building your gaming tower with high-end components, it would be a shame to settle for a gamer screen chosen in haste. Nor is it necessary to type in 4K references which are worth a small fortune but Amazon, which is full of bargains, is still hitting the tech world with promos.

Dell 27-inch QHD PC monitor: a beautiful finish for a versatile screen

The price of this screen is quite interesting since it loses 100€ at Amazon. It’s an excellent price that you don’t see that often for a PC gaming screen of this size.

Buy the Dell G32 PC gaming monitor for €369 on Amazon

The Dell G3223D screen in its 31.5-inch version therefore goes from the price of €469 on Amazon to €369, which makes it a more affordable screen for top performance.

A Dell screen with multiple options to make our lives easier

Let’s start by talking about the resolution. First, the 2560 x 1400 QHD resolution offers far more detail than FullHD.

For gaming, you can enjoy an excellent 165Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology. If you don’t know, this is a technology that synchronizes the refresh rate of your screen with your graphics card.

As for the response time offered by this screen, it is very good and it amounts to 1 ms. You will hardly find better, for the same price and at this 31.5 inch format. This screen also incorporates harmful blue light reduction technology, so you can play or work for a long time without risk of damaging your retina.

The design of this screen adopts a professional rendering with its discreet premium aluminum effect foot. The very thin edges allow total immersion in your video content.

It is also quite practical from a connection point of view since it has 2 HDMI ports, a DisplayPort and 4 USB 3.0 ports, one of which is USB C.

To conclude, this is a 27-inch screen that will satisfy the greatest number, whether you want to use it for multimedia, teleworking or occasional gaming. Coupled with a desktop PC or even a laptop with its three video inputs, it will do wonders.

Buy the Dell G32 PC gaming monitor for €369 on Amazon

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