Amazon sales: for less than €400, this SSD offers you 4 TB for your PC and your PS5!

News good plan Amazon sales: for less than €400, this SSD offers you 4 TB for your PC and your PS5!

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If you have a PS5 or PC but are running out of storage space, then getting a new SSD seems like a must. That’s good, since this very beautiful model is on sale at Amazon.

SSD sales: the 4 TB Crucial P3 Plus is on sale

If you have a PlayStation 5, then congratulations: it’s a very handsome baby with some very cool features. Alas, Sony has proven to be rather stingy when it comes to storage space: with the operating system installed, only about 600 GB are available!

This is frankly light, especially with the rise of dematerialized, constant updates and increasingly heavy games. The Japanese manufacturer has fortunately left a solution, namely to buy an additional SSD to put it yourself in the console.

Here this Crucial P3 Plus is an M.2 PCIe Gen 4 standard SSD: it is the enormous size of 4 TB and is ideal for the PlayStation 5, but also for any computer that can accommodate it. Amazon also offers it with a very nice promotion of -14%: the price therefore goes from 331.41 euros to 283.96 euros, or almost fifty euros reduction.

Buy the P3 Plus 4TB at €283.96 at Amazon

4 TB, it’s starting to do and that’s what should change your life for years to come, even keep you going for a whole generation. Thanks to NVMe technology and its Gen4 system, it can go up to 5000 MB per second for sequential reading and up to 4200 MB per second for sequential writing.

Its longevity is estimated at 1.5 million hourswhich clearly makes it a tool that will be able to accompany you… a good bundle of years.

A perfect tool for multimedia use, including video games whether on PlayStation 5 or PC: for example, on the latter, if you have a huge Steam library or you are a PC Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass subscriber Ultimate, the acquisition of a large SSD is more than recommended to make your life easier and play hundreds of titles quietly.

Buy the P3 Plus 4TB at €283.96 at Amazon

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