Amazon Prime: why unsubscribing has become a headache

You may already be subscribed to Amazon Prime and its myriad of services: streaming, delivery, music, photos, etc. But you also may have wanted to unsubscribe at one time or another for some reason. If you had difficulties, it’s normal, reveal Business Insider, and it could even be worse in the future. Because, according to internal documents consulted by our American colleagues, the group has implemented a special policy to dissuade you from unsubscribing.

Through a project called “Illiade”, Amazon has created a system of questions and potential new offers so that a subscriber is dissuaded from leaving. And which allows the American giant to keep the income linked to these subscriptions. It would seem that the program has paid off, because in 2017 for example, the year of its effective implementation, the number of unsubscriptions fell by 14%.


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Amazon promotes an easy system

However, this cancellation process is only one step. According Business Insider, in recent years, the Federal Trade Commission has received many complaints about the subject and the use of “dark models”. “Through this process, Amazon manipulates users through graphic design and wordings making it difficult to understand and frustrating,” the Norwegian Consumer Consultation Service said in a 2021 report.

On the Amazon side, however, we defend “simple and transparent subscription and cancellation processes, which clearly present the choices to customers”. Better, according to the vice-president of Amazon Prime, “transparency and customer confidence are our priorities”, he retorts. He adds to Business Insider “We continually listen to customer feedback and look for ways to improve their experience.” By having simulated the procedures, Business Insider however realized that it was necessary to multiply the “clicks”, decisions and confirmations to leave. Until the last moment, you are asked if you want to keep your subscription, cancel it or suspend it. What put off more than one.


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