Amazon Prime Video: the new interface is available on Apple TV

Users with an Apple TV now have the right to the brand new interface of Amazon Prime Video. This was announced on July 18 and was already being deployed on the Android side. Now it lands on Apple’s multimedia box.

Visually speaking, the new interface of Amazon Prime Video is close to what Netflix offers. It facilitates the search and viewing of content. It also aims to solve the problem that Prime Video members have had for years: being able to quickly and easily determine which programs are included as part of a subscription service and which are available for purchase. Included ones have a blue tick, paid items have a gold tick.

Also, Prime Video’s main navigation has been moved to the left side of the screen and now appears as a vertical column of icons. These five main areas are: Search, Home, Shop, Live TV, and My Space. The Home section has subsections for movies, series and sports. And the store has similar submenus for Prime Channels (i.e. Subscriptions), Rentals/Purchases, and Offers. On the other hand, the home screen now features a Top 10 list that makes it easy to see what’s popular.

So remember to update Amazon Prime Video from the App Store on your Apple TV to have the new interface.

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