Amazon Prime: An unexpected new service is offered and will delight you!

News good deal Amazon Prime: An unexpected new service is offered and will delight you!

Amazon continues to expand its online service and all related features. And recently, the latter has been equipped with a new feature that will appeal to many and many consumers who like to link series evenings with a good little dish from behind the bundles!

Deliveroo Plus is free with Amazon Prime subscription

Amazon is doing well by already offering a particularly large catalog of products. But in addition to this, through its Amazon Prime service, the famous distributor also offers additional services and features. And we can now count Deliveroo Plus in this subscription!

Get 1 year of Deliveroo Plus free with Amazon Prime

If there is one online sales site that everyone knows, it’s Amazon. Between its very large catalog, its very competitive products and its network of partners, the American giant is essential when you have to buy anything.

But on top of that, Amazon is boosting its presence with Amazon Prime, its subscription. With the latter, you have access to priority sales, private promotions, free and fast deliveries, in short, it allows you to make your life much easier and to be able to count on Amazon to receive your products quickly.

Amazon Prime is also access to Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming platform which offers many exclusive series and films. Whether it’s The Boys, or Pinocchio and many other original productions, Prime Video is a direct and serious competitor to Netflix.

And of course, in addition to that, you can also count on Prime Reading, which opens the doors to its extensive library, as well as that of Music Prime. In short, we are in front of a very complete offer which costs only € 5.99 per month.

This means that with Deliveroo Plus offered for 1 year, you will be able to save money on all your deliveries of good food.

Enjoy Free Amazon Prime for the First 30 Days

First of all, what is Deliveroo? It is an online meal delivery service that allows you to eat at home the achievements of restaurateurs in your city. And Deliveroo Plus is the subscription that allows you to save money on your deliveries.

Indeed, with the latter, delivery is free from an order of €25. A great plan to save money!

But what is stronger is that with Amazon Prime, you can benefit from this subscription for 1 year (12 months). And if you have already subscribed, it does not matter, you can also take advantage of it by linking your deliveroo account with your Amazon Prime account.

For this, we invite you to visit the dedicated page to find out more! And don’t forget, you can try the premium subscription for free for 30 days.

In summary, the Amazon Prime subscription is:

  • Free 1 business day delivery on millions of items
  • Prime Video: Films and series including Amazon Original series in immediate streaming
  • Amazon Music Prime
  • Access to secure and unlimited photo storage
  • The ability to borrow books for free from the extensive Kindle Lending Library
  • 1 year subscription to Deliveroo plus

Get 1 year of Deliveroo Plus free with Amazon Prime

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