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In California, 65 Whole Foods stores are experimenting with the firm’s new device, as futuristic as it is disturbing, which allows payment with a simple wave of the hand.

If a tech idea seems dystopian to you, chances are Amazon is already working on it. Even that the firm has started to deploy it. Take payment with the palm of the hand: developed by Amazon, therefore, this technology allows users, who will have previously had their palm scanned − this is unique and a priori excludes fingers, therefore fingerprints − to which they will have been associated their bank account and their mobile number, to checkout with a simple presentation of the palm. No need to carry cash, credit card or phone.

“You are in control, attempts to reassure, on its site and in the tone of a personal development coach, the company founded by Jeff Bezos. Every time you use Amazon One [le nom de la méthode de paiement, ndlr], you’ll have to intentionally scan your palm for it to work – you decide when and where you want to be recognized.” In the era of Covid, Amazon is also playing on contactless: “A truly contactless interaction, still boasts his site. Our service means that after subscribing to it, you won’t have to touch anything to use it.”

“Palm signature”

The data collected by Amazon, via kiosks dedicated to palm scanning, “are not c


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