Amazon launches ‘Video Gag’ show with Ring doorbells

MGM Television, owned by Amazon, will produce a new show à la “Video Gag”, but with recordings from Ring doorbells which are also owned by Amazon.

Amazon makes its acquisitions profitable! “Ring Nation” will indeed offer viewers video extracts from the recordings of the Ring doorbells, in a program produced by MGM Television… two properties of Amazon! The show will be broadcast on American television from September 26, it will be hosted by actress Wanda Sykes. It is not known if it will also be offered on Prime Video.

Forget the controversy

Expect something fairly lighthearted: “Ring Nation” will feature amusing animal videos picked up by doorbells, marriage proposals, neighbors rescuing neighbors for shock footage, or reunions of moving family. There is nothing really revolutionary there, this kind of viral clips swarming on social networks. And the oldest viewers will no doubt remember TF1’s “Vidéo Gag” program, which operated on the same principle.

These extracts will be provided directly by the owners of the doorbells (recordings from home cameras will also be authorized). The show will also be a way for Ring and Amazon to forget the very bad publicity given to these devices this summer. The e-commerce giant has indeed admitted that it provided the police with recordings without the consent of the owners, again raising concerns about the privacy of its customers.

In addition, “Ring Nation” will also make it possible to make the manufacturer’s products known to a large population who can then go to Amazon to buy a model… Here Amazon is fully operating the synergy between its various subsidiaries and divisions, with a certain inventiveness because it was hard to see how it was possible to combine MGM and Ring.

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