Amazon launches Amazon Air in India

Amazon announces the launch of Amazon Air in India, with the objective ” ship goods faster from our fulfillment centers to last mile deliveries “. This maneuver illustrates the great ambitions of the e-commerce giant in the South Asian country, which it considers to be a market with very high potential.

Thousands of parcels delivered every day

Amazon Air, not to be confused with Prime Air which focuses on drone delivery, is a cargo airline operating exclusively to carry company packages. The service was launched in 2016 in the United States and then briefly tested in the United Kingdom. It has grown to include over 110 aircraft across 70 destinations worldwide. India is the third market in which it is deployed.

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Amazon will operate the cargo capacity of two Boeing 737-800s operated by Quikjet Cargo Airlines. Each Amazon Air aircraft will ship thousands of packages every day and will serve the cities of Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. ” We are excited to launch Amazon Air in India to ensure we can offer our growing customer base a great selection, low prices and faster deliveries. says Sarah Rhoads, vice president of Amazon Global Air.

Amazon bets big on India

Amazon’s interest in India is not new. This is a region particularly popular with e-commerce companies because, in addition to sheltering a very dense population, the infrastructures are still to be developed. Companies know that by investing massively in the country, they will make room for their competitors. The planes were unveiled in the city of Hyderabad, where the company has also built a huge data center.

This initiative follows, at the end of 2022, Amazon opening up its transportation and logistics network to third-party merchants, businesses and direct selling brands in the country. Recently, the e-commerce giant has also rolled out Prime Gaming in India, as well as Prime Lite, a cheaper subscription.

Amazon Air launch will provide additional support to 1.1 million sellers in India, thus enabling the growth of ancillary activities such as transport and packaging, the company explains in a blog post. “ This marks a very important milestone for our vendors and customers, and a huge step forward for the aviation industry. We are celebrating a milestone in our global mission to transform the future of logistics. Amazon Air is coming to India at an important time. Over the past few years, we have taken many positive steps to build our fulfillment, transportation and logistics infrastructure in the country. “, continues Sarah Rhoads.

A strong sign

Today, Amazon India assures that thanks to its last mile network, deliveries are guaranteed in 100% of access codes, and more than 97% of customers receive their packages within two days of placing their order. Yet she also struggled in India, where she was forced to abandon her food delivery service. Separately, Amazon is lagging behind its main rival, Walmart-backed Flipkart, in the country.

The launch of Amazon Air comes as Andy Jassy, ​​the CEO of Amazon, closely reviews the company’s expenses, which will lay off 18,000 employees amid an economic downturn. This proves that Amazon Air is seen as a long-term opportunity by the company.

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