Amazon interested in a buyout of Signify Health to strengthen its health

After announcing its plan to acquire One Medical on July 21 for $3.9 billion, Amazon is in the running to buy another American health company, Signify Health, according to the wall street journal. The latter explores “strategic alternatives” for its “care course” division, and wishes to refocus on its prevention activity, home visits and coordination of social services.

The business that Signify Health plans to sell consists of a technology platform for healthcare professionals, health plans and health insurance, allowing them to optimize their operations. It is also coveted by CVS Health, an American health giant that operates a chain of pharmacies, medical centers, individual and group health insurance, and teleconsultation services. The UnitedHealth group is also interested in the file.

health, a priority for amazon

According to wall street journal, the business for sale could be valued over $8 billion. Signify Health, which went public 18 months ago, decided this summer to part with 500 employees working in its division dedicated to care pathways, to be able to invest more in global home health offers.

In the field of health, before buying One Medical, Amazon had already bought a telemedicine start-up in 2019 and launched Amazon Care, a teleconsultation service for companies available in the United States. The e-commerce giant also sells prescription drugs, and has made a foray into connected objects for medical purposes. Last summer, it also launched HealthLake, its cloud-based health data platform.

This sector is a priority for the new boss of Amazon Andy Jassy, ​​who in November 2021 created the position of senior vice-president Amazon Health Services, occupied by Neil Lindsay, the group’s former SVP Prime and marketing.

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