Amazon Fashion Europe launches virtual try-on for sunglasses – France

Available on starting August 12, the Virtual Try-On (VTO) for sunglasses allows customers to view how a pair of sunglasses will look from all angles of the face, while purchasing items online fashion.

As of today, the virtual test for sunglasses is accessible via Other fashion categories, such as shoes, will be added over time. Over 1500 sunglasses models are available this summer across Europe, from brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Polaroid and many more.

Amazon is constantly looking for ways immersive and innovative facilitating purchases dedicated to online fashion for its customers. Virtual Try-On is a fun interactive feature that can be used in an outdoor space or in the comfort of your home and helps to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Amazon Fashion Europe makes shopping easier with Virtual Try-On

“We are excited to introduce another innovative feature that will make fashion shopping on Amazon easier and more fun for our customers,” said Ruth Diaz, VP Amazon Fashion Europe. “Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses online that you’ll love to wear all year round can be a challenge. Our virtual try-on technology alleviates this problem, empowering customers to make informed purchasing decisions. We look forward to ‘listen to and learn from our customers and brands as we continue to develop and improve the VTO experience with more product categories and styles.’

After opening the Amazon shopping app on iOS devices, customers can check out the full selection of sunglasses styles eligible for virtual try-on by clicking the VTO icon on the Amazon Fashion homepage . Find the pair you like, point the mobile device camera at their face to see the pair from all angles and in all available colors, then just choose the style that suits them best.

Customers can also take a photo of the virtual sunglasses they are trying on and share it with their friends via social media.

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