Amazon: Buying nothing, buying empty… We explain to you

It is possible to buy vacuum on Amazon… for the modest sum of 12.25 euros.

No you are not dreaming, for €12.25, you can buy anything on Amazon. The object in question is in the form of an empty capsule.

These capsules are called “Close up nothing” to offer to “those who already have everything”. But these capsules contain absolutely nothing inside. This new trend is reminiscent of the sale of bottles of pure mountain air from Mont Ventoux, indicates 20 Minutes.

These original gifts are obviously to be taken in the second degreeand can be used to prank someone.

Dominique Roux, professor of marketing at the University of Reims, makes the link between these trinkets and the contemporary work of Marcel Duchamp, namely the urinal. It is here: “non-conformism and distinction compared to the current consumer society” she explains.

Pascale Hébel, co-director of a marketing consulting firm, adds that “sobriety and consuming less are modern concepts. There are naturally products surfing on this trend” and specifies that he “can be socially important to offer something anyway, even to someone who advocates sobriety. Instead of offering him nothing, we offer him nothing”.

Philippe Moati, director of the Society and Consumption Observatory, speaks in turn on the subject: “Of course, the consumer buys it secondarily, to denounce overconsumption. Nevertheless: he has just spent 10 euros for vacuum, and with an obvious waste of raw material on the packaging, plus the ecological problems of delivery. He therefore participates in what he condemns”.

The principle here is to give value to something that generally has none and Elisabeth Tissier-Desbordes, professor of economics at ESCP and specialist in consumer behavior, informs that we “could refill an empty water bottle which would be cheaper. But what certification would we have? Even vacuum or air, it must be certified”.

Philippe Moati, evokes this time, the notion of “sell at all costs” : “Traditional markets are saturated, so we have to find other ones. Even if it means selling emptiness” and adds “what matters is to create value, sales, trade. We always need new markets, that the machine continues to turn, and even to grow”.

However, the purchase of vacuum could well tire consumers in the long term by dint of knowing and becoming familiar with this new concept: “Beyond the militant demands, we note a loss of appetite for purchase in the West. Most people already have so much, it loses its meaning, despite marketing efforts” concluded Philippe Moati.

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