Amazon, all about health

Health is a sector of interest to tech giants. And as for Amazon, it already has a few products in this area.

In addition to its “Halo” bracelets that allow you to track health and well-being, Apple Watch style, Amazon also offers a telemedicine service, called Amazon Care, in the USA. Moreover, at the beginning of the year, Amazon Care announced the expansion of its telemedicine service throughout the United States, and consultations in more than 20 American cities.

And to build muscle in this area, Amazon recently announced the acquisition of the American company One Medical for nearly 3.9 billion dollars. As Amazon’s press release explains, “One Medical is a national, human-centered, technology-enabled primary care organization whose mission is to make quality care more affordable, accessible and enjoyable through a seamless combination of in-person, digital and virtual ones that are convenient where people work, shop and live. »

One Medical’s offer includes a $199 per year subscription that provides access to a range of services, including telemedicine via videoconferencing available at any time and at no additional cost. Its app also allows you to request or renew prescriptions, and allows you to have an appointment for a consultation the next day.

One Medical: a service that will be complementary with Amazon Care and Amazon Pharmacy

In essence, the service will be complementary with Amazon Care. And for Amir Dan Rubin, the boss of One Medical, there will be an opportunity to transform healthcare and improve the supply by combining his company’s approach with Amazon’s “customer obsession”.

“There is a huge opportunity to make the healthcare experience more accessible, affordable and even enjoyable for patients, providers and payers. We look forward to innovating and expanding access to quality health services together”he also said.

“We believe healthcare is high on the list of experiences that need to be reinvented. Make an appointment, wait weeks or even months to be seen, miss work, go to the clinic, find a parking space, wait in the waiting room then in the examination room for minutes that are too often in a hurry with a doctor and then take another trip to a pharmacy – we see many opportunities to both improve the quality of the experience and give people back valuable time in their days”explained Neil Lindsay, SVP of Amazon Health Services.

It should be noted that in the United States, Amazon also offers the Amazon Pharmacy service, launched in 2020 after the acquisition of the drug delivery company PillPack for 753 million dollars.

Personal data: Amazon reassures

All these services will therefore be complementary, once the takeover is finalized. Nevertheless, the announcement of this acquisition of One Medical by Amazon does not only make people happy.

“After a largely positive experience with One Medical, I canceled my membership today. I don’t trust Amazon to act in good faith with my health data”for example indicated a twitto relayed in an article published by the media CNBC.

Nevertheless, with regard to personal data, the e-commerce giant wants to be reassuring.

“As required by law, Amazon will never share the personal health information of One Medical customers outside of One Medical for the purposes of advertising or marketing other Amazon products and services without the clear permission of the customer “said an Amazon spokesperson according to CNBC. “If the agreement were to go through, the HIPAA-protected health information of One Medical customers will be treated separately from all other Amazon businesses, as required by law. »

Amazon will in any case have to reassure users. The other challenge will be the international deployment of this type of service, if this is in the plans of the e-commerce giant. Indeed, in other countries, such as Europe, the healthcare system is different from that of the United States.

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