AirPods Pro: the price of Apple headphones drops again at Amazon

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Immerse yourself in your favorite music. Lock yourself in your musical bubble and don’t let any extraneous noise bother you. That’s the promise of Apple’s AirPods Pro wireless headphones on sale at Amazon. These high-quality devices are seeing their price drop. This is the opportunity to offer them to you and enjoy a continuous and enveloping sound. Apple’s AirPods Pro, which cost 215 euros at Amazon instead of 249 euros, are equipped with an active noise reduction system. This system detects and eliminates sounds that interfere with your hearing, such as the sounds of conversation in a café. It plunges you into an immersive listening experience from which you can exit thanks to the “Transparency” mode. Press the pressure sensor to clear your hearing and hear what’s going on around you, when you come home at night or when you want to follow a conversation.

Apple’s headphones ordered from Amazon come with three different sized silicone tips. The tips are flexible and adapt to the shape of your ears to offer you long-lasting comfort. You can wear the AirPods Pro all day without feeling any discomfort, which will appeal to music lovers who can’t live without their audio library. The AirPods Pro accompany you everywhere and all the time: they are resistant to water and perspiration. Run in the rain, play sports or lounge by the pool without worrying about getting them wet. You also get over 24 hours of battery life with the wireless charging case.

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