After Amazon and Microsoft, Google in turn lays off thousands of employees

News JVTech After Amazon and Microsoft, Google in turn lays off thousands of employees

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The known carnage within GAFAM: after Amazon, Meta or even Microsoft, it is now Google’s turn to announce a massive layoff. 12,000 employees of the company are affected by job cuts.

The collapse is spectacular, and it does not seem to want to end in Silicon Valley. In recent months, companies that many believed to be overpowered and untouchable are sadly demonstrating to the world what the expression “Colossus with feet of clay” means.

After Microsoft and Amazon, which announced 10,000 and 18,000 layoffs respectively this week, it’s Google’s turn to enter this dance whose employees would have done well. The Mountain View firm has just announced 12,000 job cuts across its various global offices.

Google faces a “different economic reality”

The reason for this wave of layoffs at Google is very similar to that found at other tech giants which have had to part with a large part of their workforce in recent weeks: overconfidence. This is what emerges from the email sent by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, to all of the group’s employees.

“Over the past two years, we have experienced periods of spectacular growth. To support and fuel this growth, we have hired a lot. But this economic reality was different from what we know today. »

Massive hiring in the face of a tech environment boosted by the global pandemic, and ever more intense use of digital tools. And then the “return to normal”, far from the projected growth, which seemed to justify hiring with a vengeance. Like Mark Zuckerberg when the layoffs at Meta were announced, Sunadar Pichai indicates “take full responsibility for decisions” who led Google to this situationbut he retains his position for the time being.

A black week for the high-tech sector

If Google has not officially communicated on the countries and services affected by these layoffs, Sundar Pichai however indicated that “all departments, functions, levels of responsibility and regions” would be affected. In all, these are 6% of Alphabet’s workforce who are laid off, a first in the history of Google. We imagine that the announcement of the financial results for 2022, expected on February 2, will make it possible to learn more about the health of the group.

Combining recent announcements from Google, Amazon and Microsoft, these are 40,000 people who learned of the loss of their jobs in these large companies this week. A black record for a sector that has definitely lost its luster in the “next world”.

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