A PlayStation game likely included in Game Pass – Microsoft out of it

The Game Pass is loved by many people because of its large selection of games. Rumor has it that a PlayStation-exclusive game may even be appearing in Game Pass.

Redmond, Wash. – Microsoft regularly partners with development studios and adds new games to its popular Game Pass for fans every month. In August 2022, all Xbox Game Pass subscribers* will once again be able to look forward to new games. A rumor is now circulating on Twitter about a new game for the PC Game Pass. The special thing: This is so far a PlayStation exclusive title. Find out here what it is about this rumor.

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Microsoft: PlayStation Exclusive Game Pass Rumors

Exclusive PlayStation titles in Game Pass? The PC Game Pass Twitter account recently changed their profile picture. The new profile picture depicts a foggy landscape. The PC Game Pass account drew attention to their new profile picture by posting a tweet. Some fans are now assuming that the profile picture could be a clue about the game that will soon be added to PC Game Pass. Some believe the image is a screenshot from Death Stranding. There are also fans who think it’s from future Xbox titles. Discussions are mostly about Hellblade 2 and Starfield. The latter would then soon be playable on television, without a console with the Keystone.

How likely is Death Stranding to be in Game Pass? Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding game was first released exclusively for PlayStation 4 and later, the Directors Cut Edition, exclusively for PS5. At the beginning of 2020, Death Stranding: Directors Cut was launched by 505 Games in PC version. It is therefore not at all unlikely that the PlayStation game will find its way into the PC Game Pass. Microsoft would thus have a former PlayStation exclusive title in its assortment.

PC Game Pass: when would Death Stranding arrive?

Fans should be patient: If Microsoft really announces, with the profile picture change, that Death Stranding will be included in the PC Game Pass, fans will still have to be patient. This popular game is highly unlikely to be added this month, as Xbox has already announced Game Pass games for August 2022. Death Stranding is not one of them. If the rumors are true, it’s entirely possible that the game will be available in September for all PC Game Pass subscribers*.

Game Pass logo and PlayStation Exclusive logo on blurred game background.

Not too much hope: It will be best, however, to keep expectations as low as possible so as not to be too disappointed if Death Stranding is not part of the PC Game Pass. Meanwhile, Sony is reportedly trying to dissuade developers from using Game Pass by offering them money.

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