A new online service offered by Health Insurance in 2023!

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    According to the Previssima website, Health Insurance will offer a new service in 2023. This is a teleservice that will allow policyholders to file documents directly online, for faster processing of their requests.

    After the dematerialized Vitale card, here is another service of the National Health Insurance Fund, the CNAM, which should see the light of day in 2023.

    A document sharing teleservice

    To facilitate the transmission of documents between the insured and the Health Insurance, the latter will set up during the year a teleservice allowing to file directly online the documents missing in a file of application for Vitale card or Complementary solidarity health, for example.

    This is a way of facilitating and accelerating exchanges between policyholders and the CNAM and providing them with better handling of their files.

    The issue of data security

    The procedures will take place on the Ameli.fr website and the only condition for accessing this functionality will be to have a valid email address.

    Other dematerialized approaches have emerged on the site and the same question always comes up: what will happen to the security of the data transmitted? The CNAM remains cautious and calls on its policyholders to be wary of scammers who could impersonate it. If in doubt about an email, it is better to dial 36 46 in order to speak to an online counselor to assess the veracity of the request.

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