A mobile insurance customer claims to be the victim of a scam in Tours

In March 2018, Claire, a resident of Tours, bought a mobile phone. She subscribes to mobile insurance with Indexia Group
(formerly SFAM). “Insurance at 16 euros per month. Everything was going well until August 2022 when we realized that the samples were no longer one per month but more intense rhythms. We went back up and we saw that we had been taken fifty times“, explains Claire. Like her, hundreds of customers of this mobile insurance in France denounce this process.

“We will continue the fight”

The company was even the subject of a report this Thursday on France 2 in the magazine Envoyé Spécial. “What happened to me, happened to hundreds of people in France. There are several groups on social networks where there are many testimonials
“, adds Claire.

Options were added without the consent of these customers. “In fact, they send emails that fall into SPAM, and if you don’t answer that you don’t want these options, it’s as if you agree, when you don’t.“, comments the Tourangelle. “Me, I was taken more than 2,000 euros in addition to the monthly direct debits of 16 euros“, she annoys.

She filed a complaint. And got a lawyer. “We feel a little stupid and we are even a little ashamed of not having seen this earlier. Sometimes we even have to justify ourselves to our friends who don’t understand why we don’t check our accounts more often. Since then, we have done everything to, of course, cut these levies“.

The company was already condemned in 2019 to pay a fine of 10 million euros
for misleading commercial practice. “We have a feeling of injustice because three years later she continues her activities“, concludes the Tourangelle. She assures that she “continue the fight“. Pending a possible trial.

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