A Jakob Poeltl trade would give the Celtics massive insurance for their title chase.

The Celtics have a big arm problem — this team relies on two injury-prone big arms for their title run. Jakob Poeltl could solve this problem.

The Celtics are the No. 1 seed in the East with a four-game winning streak and the favorite of many to get out of the East. Given the instability and turbulence in the West on a daily basis, the Celtics look set for another title run. Still, this team has centers with a history of deep injuries.

Although Robert Williams is an extraordinary center, questions arise about his health as he enters a playoff series. Yes, he recovered from his last injury, but his left knee is still a problem.

Al Horford is aging gracefully and continues to be solid for Boston, but the wear and tear on both of his knees is cause for concern, especially if those knees are destined to play many minutes. The Celtics have a very good chance of winning the title this season, if they want the best possible chance they should try to trade for Jakob Poeltl.

Jakob Poeltl would solve a lot of problems for the Boston Celtics.

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, the big man won’t be traded for two first-round picks as requested by Spurs, according to Jared Weiss of The Athletic.. While Poeltl will be one of the best players available at the trade deadline, he just isn’t worth it.

To get Poeltl, a team will likely have to trade a first-round pick and a decent young player who still has control over his contract.

Before looking at a potential trade for Poeltl, let’s look at the Celtics’ future first. The team window is closing a bit and it’s possible that Jaylen Brown will leave at some point.

Jared Weiss of The Athletic reported that “few stars have had to deal with rumors about their place in a franchise like Brown.” If he asks for a trade or threatens to leave at the end of his contract, the Celtics have a two-year window of serious title contention built around the rest of their current core.

The Celtics don’t have much to show for in terms of picks. They have a young player, Payton Pritchard, who is struggling in his third year but played very well last season. Add Danilo Gallinari’s contract, which would be used as a salary filler (to a third team) and a lightly protected pick in 2025 and it’s a very solid package for Poeltl.

As Weiss noted in his article, Spurs cannot acquire Gallinari due to his waiver by the team over the summer. One way to overcome this is to send extra seconds (looking at one of the 2029 or 2030 second-round picks) to the Pacers if they don’t use their cap space during the trade deadline to make operate the deal.

The Celtics need to do their utmost right now and at least present an offer for Poeltl. Yes, they might not end up getting it, but at least presenting an offer and helping fill your greatest need while making your team as competitive as possible is the best course of action. Yes, this plan limits your actions if Brown ends up leaving in two years, but right now you have a shot at winning a title, so why not go for it?

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