a bug is causing performance to drop, Microsoft is preparing a fix

Have you noticed a drop in performance of your PC on Windows 11? You are not alone. For many, the problem seems to stem from the Shell Infrastructure Host process, a core component responsible for managing many operating system features. Microsoft has become aware of the issue and is already rolling out a fix to Insiders.

If Windows 11 is supposed to improve the performance of PCs formerly on Windows 10, this does not prevent some from encountering some problems in this area. Indeed, despite Microsoft’s efforts, the operating system is not immune to bugs and some of them have the unfortunate tendency to slow down the machines on which it is installed. Many users report that a particular process strongly impacts their performance.

Called Shell Infrastructure Host, or sihost.exe for friends, this process is of paramount importance for the proper functioning of Windows, since it is responsible for the proper functioning of several components of the OS. It is in particular thanks to him that one can use the Start menu or the taskbar. It also manages several graphic elements, in particular the window transparency effect.

Windows 11 has a big performance problem, but it will be fixed soon

Problem: This bug seems to be built into Windows 11 itself, according to the testimonies of impacted users. Indeed, many report that the problem is still present even after a clean installation of the operating system. In fact, we can therefore exclude the intervention of a third-party application that would modify the behavior of the process. Clear, we just have to wait for Microsoft to deploy a fix.

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Fortunately, the Redmond firm is already working on it. Thus, the members of the Insiders program have just received thehas update KB5016700 which, among other improvements, comes to fix the problem related to the process and the decrease in performance. Microsoft does not go into more detail in its release note, and merely declares “We fixed an issue that in some cases causes sihost.exe to use a large amount of CPU. »

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