4 tips for car insurance

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Compare auto insurance rates online

Each car insurance company offers its own options. You can thus come across contracts that are not alike, but which are offered at the same price. They may also contain the same options and are offered at different rates. It is therefore necessary to compare the prices charged by different car insurers. Comparing rates helps you shop around and evaluate offers that cover the same coverage and meet your needs. You will be able to easily identify the least expensive contracts with equivalent guarantees.

To make this comparison, you can go through an online insurance comparator. This tool establishes a price comparison for you in accordance with your driver profile. It allows you to quickly get a quote for your auto insurance online and choose the most advantageous offer for you. This document contains all the information that can help you make an informed choice. It informs you about the annual rate of the premium, the insurance formula selected, the amount of the deductibles, as well as the additional options chosen with their cost.

The online car insurance comparator offers you the possibility of accessing a wide range of offers and gaining in efficiency. Using this tool also saves you time because you don’t have to travel or call multiple insurance companies before reviewing their formula.

Bundle your auto insurance with other policies

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For pay less for your car insurance, it is advisable to combine your different contracts. This action consists of combining several insurance policies in the same contract. This helps you get great rates. Instead of taking out several insurance policies with different companies, you can thus choose a single contact for all your products and achieve significant savings.

The policies that are most often combined are auto and home insurance. However, you have the possibility of combining your car insurance with other contracts such as motorcycle and health insurance, for example. If you are several drivers in the household, you can insure all your vehicles with the same insurer. Keep in mind that the more you bundle your insurance, the more you will save. In addition to saving you money, bundling your insurance contracts gives you the opportunity to save time and deal with one and the same insurance company.

Find out about the discounts granted for your insurance

Insurance companies can give you significant discounts under certain conditions. Some insurers make discounts on the amount of your insurance premiums when you choose several of their products or when you insure several vehicles with them. Other insurance companies apply the same principle of fidelity by making reductions in your contributions over time.

Some insurance providers give discounts during the first year of your contract. You can take advantage of this discount for many years by systematically terminating your contract after 1 year. It is therefore important to know the discounts offered by insurers.

Park in a safe, well-lit area

For get cheaper insurance, you must adopt a risk-free driving style. Parking is an often overlooked factor, but one that can have a big impact on the amount of your car insurance. It allows the insurer to calculate the loss ratio and to judge the level of risk presented by the chosen parking location. For example, there are no less than 122,700 cars and two-wheelers stolen in France in 2021 according to the Ministry of the Interior.

The question is also asked when you take out a car insurance contract. Parking lots are most often ranked from safest to least safe by insurance companies. The classification made by insurers is as follows:

  • the individual box,
  • the individual garage,
  • the collective garage,
  • the private walled garden,
  • the collective covered car park,
  • the uncovered collective car park,
  • the public way (street).

Parking your vehicle on the street is therefore more risky and will therefore be very expensive. During taking out a car insurance policy, so choose to park your vehicle in a safe and well-lit place. You will pay less for your insurance and be better protected against the risk of damage and car theft.

to summarize

In France, taking out car insurance is compulsory when you own a vehicle. Car insurance can be quite expensive, however, especially for young drivers, and the price increases by an average of 2% every year. Fortunately, there are ways to lower this price. We give you tips on how to find cheaper car insurance.


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