300,000 fake health passes will be deactivated by Health Insurance

Health insurance will cancel 300,000 false health passes in the coming weeks, our colleagues from franceinfo learned this Wednesday, February 2 from Social Security, confirming information from Figaro.

How to cancel fake health passes?

In order to determine which health passes to cancel, the Health Insurance identified doctors who had supposedly vaccinated tens of thousands of people, but who deny having injected the slightest dose of vaccine. These doctors had in fact had their professional card numbers stolen by organized networks that trade in fake health passes.

Health Insurance will therefore launch a technical procedure in two stages: it must first cancel the vaccination cycles of these 300,000 people in order to then be able to revoke their false health passes, which will no longer work when they wish in the future enter a restaurant or a bar.

Several professionals hacked all over France

For several weeks, health professionals have explained that they have been hacked. This is the case of a retired Var doctor who had his professional account hacked by a third party. This third party then issued, under cover of the identity of the Var healthcare professional, nearly 960 fake sanitary passes few months ago.

In the Dordogne, 35 false passes were issued without the knowledge of a nurse before she filed a complaint. “I suspected absolutely nothing” she said on France Bleu Périgord.

In mid-December, an investigation was opened after the identity theft of a Sarthois nurse. 50,000 fake certificates had been edited.

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