11 Interesting Questions About Microsoft

Think you know everything about Microsoft? Check out these interesting known and lesser known facts about Microsoft.

Microsoft Trivia and Fun Facts

1. The word Microsoft was first used by Bill Gates in a letter to co-founder Paul Allen in 1975. But Bill originally wrote it as Micro-Soft. However, Microsoft (unhyphenated) was incorporated in November 1976 in New Mexico, the city where Paul Allen and Gates worked for their first major client, MITS. Microsoft didn’t move to Redmond, Washington until 1986.


2. Not everyone can be a Pablo Picasso. However, one can have the chance to see the works of such great and talented artists. And the folks at Microsoft are a bit too lucky because it’s one of the biggest corporate art collectors with its art museums housing over 5,000 works of contemporary art like sculptures, works on paper, paintings, photos, multimedia, etc.

3. Microsoft’s profitability can be gauged from the fact that after its IPO in March 1986, its stock split 9 times. This happens when the price of a stock gets too high.

4. “Drink as much as you can” is what the Softies (MS employees) wholeheartedly follow. Microsoft offers free drinks inside campus where more than 23 million drinks are consumed each year, with milk and orange juice becoming favorites. Microsoft’s 35 cafeterias serve more than 38,000 people every day, with pizza being the most popular menu item.

5. Imagine names like Interface Manager 98, Interface Manager 7, etc. Well, for those who don’t know, Interface Manager was the actual name of Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Bill Gates planned to release it under the same name. However, it took an MS employee to convince that Windows is a better name. Microsoft adopts codenames for its products before releasing them, Longhorn, Lone Star, Vienna, and Project Natal being a few.

6. Isn’t it huge for a company to own more than 10,000 patents and add 3,000 every year? Microsoft is among the top 5 patent holders in the United States. The 5,000th patent was for Xbox 360 technology while the 10,000th patent was for Microsoft Surface. A $1,500 bonus is awarded to a Microsoft employee if the related patent is successful.

seven. Microsoft has a dubious record of having the highest number of crashes. It is believed that at one time there were around 25 million accidents every day.

8. More than 75% of computers in the world run on Windows.

9. The Windows operating system has 50 million lines of code (one line has an average of 60 characters) and increases by 20% with each version. It is staffed by 7,200 people, is available in 34 languages ​​and is expected to support 190,000 devices – different models of digital cameras, printers, handhelds, etc.

ten. A few versions of Windows that did not see the light of day and could not be released are:

  • 1996 May 3 – Windows Nashville (Windows 96)
  • 1997-1998 – Windows Cairo. (Planned after Windows NT)
  • 1999 December – Windows Neptune. (Should have been the successor to Windows 2000 or Windows ME)

11. Microsoft has a reputation for asking the weirdest questions in a job interview. Considered one of the most difficult and grueling interview processes for job seekers, Microsoft may suddenly ask you “Why is a manhole cover round?”. Such questions challenge the creative thinking of people on the other side of the table.

Lily: More than 50 products discontinued by Microsoft.

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